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Sei es wie es sei, stirbt die Kuah bleibts Hei!

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Strawberries are healthy fruits.

Summing up the positive effects of strawberries there are a lot of important features:

  • strawberries are low in fat and calories
  • they contain a lot of vitamin C, folate, potassium and antioxidants

The red fruits are very rich in vitamins and mineral nutrients. 100 g of strawberries contain about 60 mg of vitamin C, which covers more than one half of the recommended daily suply of this vitamin of an adult. The phenolic acids in the fruits (ferulic and ellagic acids) are even said to prevent cancer. The fruit is not a real berry, but a spurious fruit. The real fruits are the seeds within the flesh of the strawberry.

The season for strawberries is in May and June.

They are not only rich in vitamin C. Moreover, they contain the vitamins A, B1 and B2 as well as the minerals calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and manganese. They all have a positive influence on the activity of the liver and gall bladder.

History and Nutritional Value

Strawberries (Fragaria) are a genus within the family of Rosaceae. They have already played a part in nutrition since the Stone Age, but by the import of American species during the 18th century the contemporary strawberry evoluted. So far more than 1.000 different sorts in total have been cultivated. The Merkelhof grows the following sorts: Honeoye, Clery, Lambada and mainly Elsanta (85%).

Here you will find our farm and the strawberry fields:

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